Decorative glass | VIDRIERA DEL CARDONER

More than a frosted glass, Novomat is unique!

We are pleased to introduce you Novomat, a new glass of excellent quality and interesting attributes.


Novomat is an elegant, translucent and uniform glass with a bright tone.


Its physical qualities make Novomat a special glass for everyday applications such as work desks, kitchen and bathroom countertops, bathroom screens, shelves, doors, reception desks. Its brightness, its easy cleaning and its resistance to scratch, endow the product with a greater durability.


We have the certifications that verify Novomat is;

More scratch resistant

More stain resistant

More translucent


It is manufactured in large formats, 3210 x 2250 mm and thicknesses up to 12 mm, being able to be laminated and tempered.