Brill Glass Únic at new Casa de Cultura Blanca d’Anjou in Hospitalet de l’Infant

Author: Lourdes Fisa
Sizes: 1200x2390 mm
Place:  Casa de Cultura Blanca d’Anjou, L’Hospitalet de l’Infant.

The new Casa de Cultura Blanca d’Anjou in Hospitalet de l’Infant, inaugurated on November 11th, features a piece called Transparències, by the artist Lourdes Fisa, welcoming visitors into the lobby.

Transparències is a set of four large-format pieces that interact with the architectural space created by Carreras Ollé Arquitectes. Light, transparency, fragility and strength are concepts inspired by the history and feminine figure of Blanca d'Anjou. Past and present, dialogues of time, dialogues of materials and changes of perception.

Two of the pieces in this permanent installation are glass and were developed and produced in our facilities.

Below is a selection of pictures of the production process and the finished pieces.

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