Unveiling of the new rose window at St. Mary’s church

Author: Nídia Esquius
Sizes: 1000mm Ø
Place: St. Mary’s Church, Navarcles (Barcelona)

On 9th November 2014 the restoration of the façade of Saint Mary’s church in Navarcles carried out by the architect Josep Maria Esquius Prat was unveiled. Nídia Esquius designed and handcrafted the new rose window.

Nidia explains that by using a new technique for the rose window (engraving and vitrified enamel) she could dispense with the tracery of the stone. The glass is held in place by an iron profile, therefore, it is a single circular piece of glass.

Its base is treated normally with a chemical engraving process which gives it a texture with different transparencies suggesting a sight fretwork effect. The surface is treated with enamel applied manually as if it were a watercolour and its dimensions are easily distinguishable from a distance of more than ten metres.

Symbolically Nídia bases her work on the miracle of Saint Valentine, expressing the breaking of the drought with fresh colours on a warm background and the element water, revitalizing and refreshing, that gives life.

Nídia discloses that the image which forms the flying cross with its vigorous-looking, separated arms also suggests a waterfall.

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