Stained glass windows for the church
of “El Carme” in Manresa.

Author: Alba Comas, Eva Soto, Antonia Casellas
Size: - - mm
Site: Church of “El Carme” in Manresa


In the church of “El Carme” in Manresa two new stained glass windows were inaugurated. They represent light and water, two characteristic elements of the “Festes de la LLum” (local holiday celebration).

The idea came from the celebration’s organizers in 2006, local kitchen gatherings and the church reverend Mr. Màrius Masoliver. The design and installation were carried out by students of the Serigraphy workshop led by the Manresa Art School teacher Ms. Antonia Casellas, with the collaboration of Vidriera del Cardoner and electrical installation by Electrica Garriga.

Each student submitted a proposal of which two were chosen. One was by Alba Comas, representing light and the other by Eva Soto, representing water. The two proposals were merged to form the project.

Two stripes of yellow represent the light and different shades of blue, the Sèquia and the movement of water with tanks that seem to fill up. The work took the authors of the stained glass windows more than 50 hours each as the process is slow. Antonia Casellas, who participated with the authors in the whole process, explains that “the techniques used are somewhere between engraving and serigraphy”. According to Casellas, these stained glass windows are “different” from the traditional ones, “more modern, in which the leaded glass no longer has any sense”.



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