Stained windows for the baptistery of the basilica of La Seu in Manresa

Author: Nídia Esquius
Sizes: 8000x1500mm
Place: Baptistery of the basilica of La Seu in Manresa

The project consisted of designing and making the stained windows for the baptistery of the Basilic of La Seu in Manresa.

The basilica has been enlarged over time and adapted to the modern era without losing its essential harmony. With this in mind the author Nídia Esquius designed her project.

Conceptually the design of the stained windows has the following basic principles:

- Suggest visually clear, simple and colourful spiritual values.

- Use a current, abstract, easily understandable symbolism.

- Conceive a global design within a circular setting where the unity of the piece is essential.

- Give the viewer a harmonious, pleasant feeling of well-being.

Symbolically, Nídia worked with the concept of baptism as a welcoming experience to a new life, full of light and well-being like an outburst of joy.

The white cross in the centre which symbolizes Jesus Christ is the starting point of the creation.

The different stages are represented by concentric circles in evolving colours.

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