Angelina, the new hydraulic mosaic made of glass!

Aware of the growing trend in using glass on floors and stairs, Vidriera del Cardoner has designed and developed walkable glass inspired by hydraulic mosaic.


Angelina is the new non-slip glass. Geometric, floral and plant motifs that are combined and repeated among themselves in different 15x15 cm pieces. Undoubtedly an innovative design that breaks with the offer that we can currently find on the market. Angelina is elegant, unique and versatile, combining design and security.


It is manufactured on satin glass using a specific procedure, thus obtaining the highest level of certified slip resistance, providing maximum safety. It is solid, durable and highly resistant to wear.


Appropriate for indoors and outdoors applications; floors, stairs, ramps, walkways, swimming pools, walkable ceilings, walkways ... whether on dry or wet surfaces.


Supports any type of manufacturing; cut, polished, laminated, tempered, curved ...


Angelina is manufactured in 3210x2250 mm in thicknesses from 6 to 12mm.

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