Novomat VC common Satin glass

From Vidriera del Cardoner and through an independent laboratory certificate: AINIA Technology Center, we present the advantages of using an active material such as Novomat glass, adapted to the new requirements of health institutions; safety and hygiene, within resistant and easily disinfected construction materials.


The characteristics obtained through its chemical-physical transformation, make Novomat a superior quality product in terms of hygiene and cleanliness, while appreciating its high resistance to scratches Mohs 5. Its properties therefore give it an absolute value in the construction market: Health.


Novomat is specially studied to meet the basic need in facilities where hygiene does matter. The advantages to highlight; its ease of cleaning and disinfection. This property, conferred by means of a special chemical-physical treatment, applied to one of the faces of the glass where the accumulation of micro-organisms becomes less on a 50%, compared to common Satin glass. This process leaves an easily cleanable and hygienic surface as well as scratch resistant, thus controlling possible pathogens and contaminating agents with a simple pass with a microfiber cloth and soapy water.


If what you are really looking for is a product that is easy to clean, scratch resistant and that seeks at all times for people's health, guaranteeing the population safe and liveable spaces; Novomat satin glass produced by Vidriera del Cardoner, is the best option.

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