Open your space. Wide your light

We present to you our new designs, especially created for doors and partitions. These creations, which are inspired by nature, bring us nearer to a world of pleasant sensations, thus creating an atmosphere of well-being and comfort.


A stylish piece of glass which lets a reduced amount of light pass through. Made in large format sheets of 3210x2250mm and up to 12 mm thick. It can be laminated and tempered.


All three models are available in both orientations: Vertical 2250x3210 mm, designed for having continuity in large spaces, and horizontal 3210x2250 mm




Acqua Glass is like a game between water and light, dynamic, active and vibrant.



Like a calm sea, Mediterránea is a glass of smooth lines and stylish character.

It brings harmony, balance and relaxation to your spaces.



Like nature, Esencia is a glass of irregular, capricious lines.

The smoothness and warmth of the light make it an ideal piece of glass for your home.







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