Textile & Glass

Fabric and Rafia are inspired by the art of weaving, they both create our new textile collection.
They are manufactured via a superficial application of an inorganic vitreous enamel which can be customized to any color the Ral chart upon request.
The resulting product is a highly resistant, durable, easy to clean material which can be used for indoors/outdoors applications. Depending on it's final use, it can be tempered or laminated.
Our new glass textile collection is a fantastic alternative to any existing laminated glass with textile fiber inserts solutions, helping to avoid recurring issues with textile fibers, such as:
- Deformation of the inserted fabrics when suffering different tensions.
- Color variations as time goes by.
- Costly solution due to the need to temper the glass prior to lamination and challenging instalation
- Need of two monolithic glasses to laminate the textile fibers.
Fabric and Rafia are manufactured in 3210x2250 mm in thicknesses from 4 to 10mm.


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