The importance of decorative safety glass

Glass is one of the most important materials used in architecture and interior design today. And this is why glass safety has become an essential factor to take into account.


The solution to everything is using laminated glass, as it considerably reduces the risk of injury. If there is an impact, the glass is highly resistant to penetration by objects and if it does break, it won’t shatter. The layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) holds it together, preventing the glass from breaking into tiny pieces, acting as a ‘mesh’ that is fixed in place, unlike regular glass, which shatters and breaks into sharp, very dangerous pieces that can cut and stab.



As we know how important safety is, at Vidriera del Cardoner we have the solution: a new line of laminated decorative safety glass with maximum protection and peace of mind for both the adults and the children near the glass, without sacrificing design.











Decorative safety glass is an excellent solution for adding privacy or creating functional, versatile spaces both inside and out, as well as having numerous other advantages.






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