Vidriera del Cardoner collaborated with the artist Lourdes Fisa.

The visual artist Lourdes Fisa (Corbera de Llobregat, Barcelona, 1964) who was trained in the world of engraving, started her career more than 25 years ago. Her work has been exhibited mainly in Chicago, Paris, Luxembourg, Lisbon and some places in Spain. It has its own style and a particular, abstract, conceptual language inspired by organic shapes. Different elements and materials come together through collage.


In the past 2013 Lourdes Fisa visited our company. After carrying out research regarding the possibilities offered by engraved and enamelled glass, she became interested in transparency and light’s constant change. Thanks to her professional training she was able to experiment and finally incorporate her findings into her work.


In September she exhibited her work entitled “Melodies de la Llum” (Melodies of Light) in Manresa (Barcelona), in Casa Lluvià, the Bages-Berguedà branch of the Catalan College of Architects.


“This piece of work is not the same early in the morning as in the afternoon or at night. The glass is transformed with the shades of light. The work is alive and changing”.


At present we can visit a piece of the exhibition Melodies of Light in the Museu Comarcal (County Museum) in Manresa. “Trama Urbana” (Urban Plot) is a large-format piece of work which has been acquired by Manresa City Council.













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