Cameo Anti-slip especially suitable for floors and interior stairs and outdoor steps.


Get the unique look of chemically engraved glass in a wide range of textures and several designs, with different combinations of engraving, relief and roughness, in a product that is highly resistant to wear and tear, unlike other materials applied to the surface of non-slip glass.


Maximum grip and safety on both wet and dry surfaces. All models of Madras Non-slip are certified to meet applicable international standards.


They are manufactured on clear or ultraclear float basis, transparent or etched and can be laminated and tempered.

Angelina | class 3

Climb | transparent / class 1

Dot 18 | etched / class 2

Dot 25 | etched / class 3

Dot | transparent / class 1

Grek 25 | etched / class 3

Grip | etched / class 3

Moon glass T / class 3

Mos 18 | etched / class 2

Mos 25 | etched / class 3

Mos | transparent / class 1

Okay | transparent / class 1

Pill 18 | etched / class 2

Pill | transparent / class 1


6 | 8 | 10 | 12 mm


product basis
clear float glass

low Iron glass








tempering *


The tempering process may alter the physical characteristics of the product, making it less slip resistant.







dynamic coefficient of de friction

ANSI A137.1


static coefficient of de friction

ASTM C 1028


resistencia al deslizamiento (péndulo)

UNE 41901

UNE - ENV 12633


The trials were conducted with the product manufactured by Vidriera del Cardoner without applying any sort of treatment. Any treatment applied to the product may affect its specifications and quality.

Vidriera del Cardoner shall not be held liable for any such modifications.




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